Gargantua 7 The Content Management Solution


A single tool for a more rational, simple and efficient work!

GARGANTUA 7 is a Full Web Content Management and Workflow solution. Multilingual interface: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Russian, Turkish.

What Gargantua 7 can do for you?

  • Secure your information
  • Decrease drastically costs linked to management and storage of documents
  • Find information, accurately and immediately
  • Make information available to everybody, any time
  • Manage and control all processes

Content Management Solutions and Workflow

SIATEL products range

SIATEL has developed a collaborative suite for Document Management based on relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL...), a full text search data base (Search Server), optical character recognition (OCR, both Latin and Arabic), bar code reading, viewers … and a set of tools manipulating images in order to improve their quality (cleaning, skewing ...):

  • GARGANTUA 7 is up-market and powerful while easy to use with a unique embedded scanning solution and a Windows explorer-like interface which manages folders and documents.

    The key features are:

    • J2EE application, Ajax technology
    • Full Web
    • Multilingual: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Russian, Turkish
    • Open solution
  • PUSH, module disigned to manage the automatic disseminating of information from GARGANTUA databases
  • THESAURUS MANAGER, thesaurus management module, additionnal to GARGANTUA
  • LARA, Automatic Document Processing and Automatic Document Reading solution.